I want to inspire you!
Here are some creative ways to share your photos and stories. Do it yourself - or contact me for help. Either way, don't miss the opportunity to pass on your precious memories.
Ideas for Photo Books
Lots of fun ways to share even the everyday moments!
  • ABCs  Perfect for the toddler! Use photos you have for each letter of the alphabet! Have a silly picture of your grandson stomping the rain puddles? P is for Puddle. Great photo of your daughter playing in the snow? S is for Snow. Fill in the missing gaps with words they know and photos of your relatives, pets or pictures from the zoo - U is for Uncle Bob,
  • Z is for Zebra. Have fun with it - they'll love it! Let me know if you need help!
  • SATURDAYS  Take a photo every Saturday - no matter what you are doing - washing the car, attending a wedding, watching movies on a rainy day, or building a pillow fort. What a fun year-in-review photo book it would make! Need help with the book design? Contact me.
  • FAMILY COOKBOOK  Collect recipes from your Mom, Grandma and relatives. Don't forget the guys - isn't there a secret BBQ sauce in there!?! Include photos of the water-stained index cards and handwritten pages. Take photos at the local farmer's market or your grocery store for divider pages - bowls of strawberries, vegetable displays, even ceramic bowls or plates stacked up!
Ideas for Photo Albums
Don't forget the special occasions that deserve a special photo collection
  • Baby's first year
  • Graduation
  • Special birthdays
  • Big anniversaires
  • Exciting travel adventures
  • Photo showcase
  • Engagement/Shower/Wedding/Honeymoon
Ideas for Home Decor
Wall collages
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